Work in Schools

Are you worried about a child in your school?

Often teachers and school staff are the first ones to pick up and notice a child who is struggling.   Do you have a child in your classroom who struggles with their behaviour, social interactions or managing their emotion?  Are you worried a child might have ADHD or Autism?

Dr Cyra Neave has extensive experience of working with schools to support children, their families and the school staff.  This work can be individual work with a child and their family, group work in school, consultation to school staff or whole school training.

Examples of training that has been provided to schools;

  • Attachment in the Classroom
  • The Impact of Childhood Trauma
  • An introduction to Mental Health
  • An introduction to Autism and ADHD

Examples of group work:

  • Transition group for parents (provided to parents whose children were transitioning from Reception class to Year 1)
  • Transition group for children in Year 6